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Faith S. – Journal 1

So it is the first day, or rather week, of school. I still couldn’t find an internship to go along with this class, but I’ll keep on trying. So far I have sent and resent emails to three video game developing companies, two animation studios and one at a book publishing company that will most likely have me do illustrations. I wouldn’t mind either as long as I am able to get started in a field similar to my dream career.

Our professor, gave us an article to read about how hard it is for people to find jobs or find some one for hire depending on which end they are looking from. The employers tend to look for people with all the skills they are looking for and potential employees feel they are not qualified as they don’t have all the skills the hirer is looking for. From the article and discussing it in the class, that shouldn’t stop either end from going forward. It is all about what a person can bring to the business and what the business may gain from it. It may not be what the business was looking for because they haven’t thought of it yet and may take a liking to the new ideas.

I am determined to be that person. The one that brings something new to the table. Something that will impact the company positively and greatly. Once I’m in an internship, I’m going to be as creative as I can with what I am given and listen to others to see if things need to be adapted as ideas change and evolve. But right now, I am crossing my fingers and hoping to get into an internship soon.


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