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DeJean T. – Journal 9

This week I got to see one of the three projects I’ve worked on as a printed piece. The project is a flyer advertisement for Louie’s Diner for their Burger Box menu. I also got to try one of their burgers. It felt good to know that I had a hand in helping this business to gain more customers. Some of the projects that I have worked on are still waiting for the clients’ approval to be printed.  So far there has been three: Louie’s Burger Box menu ad, Aramark’s employee appreciation tickets, and window banners for a deli.

We did receive a response from the client whom we are making banner, poster and invitation for the Bronx Banker’s Breakfast. This year the event will be celebrating the Bronx’s centennial. I also started working on another menu for a diner called Lilian’s Diner. My supervisor handled the background graphics for the menu and I had to work on the text and layout of the menu. The client brought in a menu to be used as an example and wanted the same layout look. Afterwards I was given a new assignment to change the days of the week for calendar from Spanish to English as well as enlarging the numbers.

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