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DeJean T. – Journal 5

Though Monday was the appointed day to start my internship it wasn’t the case when I came in on Monday. I asked Scott, who handles the large format prints, if Jaime left any work left for me to do and he said that there was a death in Jaime’s family and I could wait and see if he comes in.  So I decided to occupy my time by trying to make some stationery templates for their website. I looked at JLC’s website to see what they have available in their stationery packages as a reference. I did that until it was time for me to go and it was that same time Jaime came in. He explained the situation that and explained why he wasn’t able to leave me any work. He went on to say that he would have a project for me on Thursday.

The project I was given was to design the menu for George’s Café and Diner. The current menu is printed in a single color and the owner now wants the images of the dishes on the menu to be printed in color. To easily input the text into the menu’s layout the current menu was scanned and then opened in text recognition software. It took the printed words and converted the printed text back into digital text. When I first started the layout of the menu I was told to do the whole menu in Photoshop but then it was getting hinder some and I asked Jaime if it was alright if I switched over to InDesign and he said it was fine and I should use whatever program I felt comfortable using to get the job done. The biggest time saver for the project was having the scanned menu into an OCR file. It would have taken me a whole lot more time to manually type out the menu. Though the program itself wasn’t100% perfect with recognizing the letter forms it was still a big help in getting the project completed.

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