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DeJean T. – Journal 2

The process of getting an internship is very similar to looking for a job. You look for the business that offers the position you want, then you send in the necessary documents and wait for a response. Some business will give you a response and it will be either for an interview, to say the position is already filled, they are not offering it at this current time, or there is no response. These situations are why I have yet to acquire and internship. I find that getting back no response can at times discourages a person from continuing the search which leads them to procrastinate in trying for another.

I know that I’ve procrastinated more often than I should, and I have wondered what were some of the reasons people procrastinate and found some good explanations for those reasons. In James Soruwiecki’s article, “Later”, gives some explanations why we wind up procrastinating on our tasks. He says the “lack of confidence, sometimes alternating with unrealistic dreams of heroic success, often leads to procrastination.” It can also be applicable to most procrastinators that we are “pretending that I wouldn’t have any interruptions to work” is one of the reasons why we put things off for another day. After reading this article it has made me try a little harder in avoiding the unnecessary hesitation of doing the work that I need to get done.

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