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DeJean T. – Journal 1

Today was the first day for my internship class I’m a bit nervous on what will happen as the class goes on. I know looking for an internship is a key part of the class but I’m a little nervous about the whole process about the search.Its always a thought I’ve had that those looking for a job or internship may wonder will I be good enough for this business? Being a college student I find myself as well (as some would when they are nearing the end of their schooling) asking I if they will find a job in the field of their study. Reading the article “How to Get a Job” from the New York Times added some insight into some ways employers decide on potential employees. Reading that employers test applicants to see if they “can add value” to their company can often force people to improve their skills and qualifications. What surprised me the most was that some of the job qualifications a person needs can be learned from massive open online courses that are offered by some reputable colleges. I’ve come to realize that these coursed are very similar to the tutorial videos that are posted on online to help people learn or improve upon a skill to become one of the quickest ways people are learning some of the skills college students are paying to learn and are now competing for a job.

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