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Yinshi Huang journal 14


Today, I handed in all my works to my supervisor. I putted all files in one PDF and made a short presentation. We were looked at them together and discussed about it. My supervisor looked at each page and made comments. He told me that all the interns he had before were weak with typography. He also told me that I have some issues as well, but better than other interns.  I remember I had a very tough typography professor when I was in freshmen year. I was struggling so hard for passing that class. Now I can tell why my professor was trying to be tough, like my supervisor says a lot of students have problem with typography. I felt glad that I had a great typography professor. My supervisor liked most of my works. He mentioned few problems with my design. He told me that for the spread ads I have to consider the center because this part will get bind or fold. He pointed out some pages that have texts in the center and told me that it was one of my mistakes. Also, he mentioned that I should make larger margins. He told me that the brochure has so many pages, so when we bind it and trim it some pages may cut out. So, larger margin will be safer.

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