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Journal #11

I have been designing less as my internship journey approaches its end, the workload has significantly decreased not that it was a lot prior. If I am not working on a design for my internship, I am most likely completing assignments for my class. As the spring semester is making its way to the home stretch, I have begun to finalize all design projects. I have to prepare/complete my portfolio, and finish my Senior Project design. I have a lot of work ahead of me, and only a hand full of days to complete them. I am confident in my design and time management skills that I can finish these project with time to spare. As the semester comes closer to ending, so does my internship journey. I have learned and experienced so much over the course of my internship at the New American Chambers of Commerce. I am walking away with valuable real world experience, experiences in which I can apply throughout my career and even my life. I’ve had a positive experience with my internship, new experiences, friends and opportunities. I am entering the job market with knowledge and experiences that can’t be taught in a classroom. Doing an internship is possibly one of the best decisions I have made so far in my life among others, even if it was required. I have personally enjoyed the journey as the experience comes to a close, I don’t have one single regret. I look forward to my future adventures after my college years.

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