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week 10

This week I continued to work on the project for Bread Factory that I have started last week. . New components were added to the project. I spent most of my time to find very large images to use in these signages. It is unfortunate that clients do not provide any good quality images of their products. So if they have very specific meals on their menu we have to find some images that have to reflect their special food and they have to look professional. Moreover, sometimes, like this project, projects are going to be produced big in size. It means that the resolution should be really high. In other words sometimes finding the right image to use in your project would be the most challenging part of the project.

At this point, I have not offer my supervisor that yet, but I think going to the client’s place and take photographs of the foods would be more convenient and professional. By doing so, we may have the correct visual for the food, we would not have resolution problems and more important we would be using our own images, not someone else’s. After I found all the images, Marla told me that I have to convert them from RGB to CMYK before using them in inDesign. So I change all images and I had to manipulate some of them in order to use in the layout. So at the end of this week I have all visuals and the content. So far we have layout design. After that it will be just placing things in their position.


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