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Journal#15 – Astrid Sarmiento

Astrid Sarmiento

Intern at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine

Today I was able to designed and work with a completely different template from the previous ones that was used for our newsletters. Since the last two newsletters looked too similar to our very first newsletter and we are trying to move away from that. The one I started off with today has been decided to be the template that I’ll be working with from now on to design all of our newsletters. The other task that I have been given is to add the author’s name for each post as a tag and to create a hyperlink out of each author’s name that way it will lead into a page of all the written works of that author. The goal is to basically create a search of some sort for our readers so that by clicking the author’s name they will be able to read all of the other works written by that same author. So far it has taken me three days to complete this particular task since there are so many posts. I was also asked to keep track of every author’s name and have their names typed out on a word document. I also added a lot of the author’s names to some of the posts that did not have the names. Finally, I had to contact our editor for this information since she keeps track of who writes what for our website.

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