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week 9

This week we have started very big project that is going to take time more than couple of weeks. One of Marla’s existing clients wants to change their all interior signage. That means we are working on huge files. For example one of the signage that I have started is about 75 inches long. Even then we have very busy layout as well. But this time client is more flexible and let us do some nice touches to organize the content. Another thing is since we are going to change every signage inside the place, we have to be consistent. This is good because we have similar solutions for different content. This makes things easier. We don’t have to think for typeface, graphics and colors individually. Also creating very consistent designs makes look each of them better.

The other thing about this week’s work that I have learned new features in Indesign. I know the software has so many features but I have not use it much so I am not aware of most of them. So this week I have learned how to use basic feather and gradient feather effect to manipulate images without using Photoshop. Actually after learning this effect at work I have applied similar ones to my own portfolio. It definitely gives nice look to images without interfering the text or other images around them.


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