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week 7

This week I had really fun project to do. NCT theatre company wanted t-shirt designs for their upcoming show “Grease”. My supervisor is expert in Indesign but when it comes to using pen tool and tracing she struggles. So she gave the project to me. I always enjoy more when I work in Illustrator. During this project I have been told that people makes really good money just by tracing and outlining the graphics. That would be really good if I earn money for doing what I like. Another thing that was good for me to learn more about silk-screen printing. I mean of course I was not at the printing facility to see how things get done, but even setting colors for this type of print is important. Our design was four color and we just used tints or shades of these four colors to give some texture and/or dimension to it.

Meanwhile, I have finished the frozen yogurt board. I have changed the existing image on Photoshop and replaced the low res images with high quality ones. Also I have used the grid for more clean look. The only thing is, since Marla has so many different projects at the same time, I just finish my part and give it to her but I do not know if that design is really produced. But they are not coming back to me for any corrections. So I would consider this as a good sign.


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