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week 2


Because of the President day I did not go to the office on Monday this week, but I worked through home. On Monday, I finished my tasks on the ┬áproject that I started last week. The menu that we are creating is almost done but there are some little details to work on. ┬áSince there is not much to work on that project on Tuesday Marla gave me two new projects. One is just upgrading ┬áprices on an existing menu. ┬áSo I did it right away. The other one is more complicated. We are going to create a flyer for a theatre company for their upcoming show. Marla wanted me to take the responsibility and design that flyer. So even though at the beginning I thought this job is just about making simple menus and updating them, there are other projects that requires more creativity. In fact Marla also showed me her other projects that includes tshirt design, booklet design, sticker design for company cars…etc. She said she is designing almost anything that printable. So this makes this internship more excited, sophisticated and fun.

At the beginning I was not so bright because of my lacking InDesign knowledge, but with this flyer project I think I could show some impressive work by creating a flyer in Illustrator. The only thing is design process requires more time to work so I had to take files home with me to work on during the rest of the week.

By the way I recently did the procrastinating test and I found out that I am an average procrastinator. I was kind of surprised because I usually try to do things on time. Honestly not voluntarily but after being a mother I realized that even though I put things off I have to deal with these things eventually but the stress level gets higher. So I prefer to get things done before everything piles up. But some times when you have to deal with so many things at the same time I think procrastinating is inevitable. However, if you keep it under control it does not end up badly all the time.


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