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week 1

After an interview on the phone and couple of emails I have decided to start my internship at Calling All Graphics. I had other interviews with some other places but when I talked to Marla Gotay  she seemed willing to teach me her business and even get me hired at the end of the internship. I have started to work on Monday February 10th. Before I go to the office I was kind of worried since we did not have face to face meeting before but she was very nice and welcoming. We began to work right away. First she explained to me what she is doing and then she gave me a new project that she accepted recently. On Monday and Tuesday I worked on redesigning  a menu that she had done couple of years ago for her client.

The project seems simple and it does not requires much of creativity. However, I need to improve my InDesign skills because I am a transfer student and I missed some typography classes. So most of the project at the office are done in InDesign like the project that I have been assigned. So it is going to be challenging for me but I believe I am going to learn a lot. In fact, when there is something that I could not find by myself I ask Marla and she shows me right away.

At the end of the first week I think I made a good decision to accept the position at Calling All Graphics. I believe I could learn a lot during my internship. Marla is in this business over twenty years and she is not only dealing with creative process but she has experience in all other aspects of her business. Moreover, there is a possibility that I could work there after my internship is done.

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