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After I got the list of possible internship positions I wrote many e-mails and went to interviews. All of them were very welcoming. They all appreciated the work in my portfolio. They seemed to be really interested in sharing their experience with me. All of the interviews helped me to prepare for the next one: how to explain when they ask about one of my portfolio pieces, or how to respond to their e-mails. However, since we are going to an interview with school references and we are just applying for internship position, none of the people who I talked with were hard on me. They all seemed to accept my application right away, except  for one interview that I had in Uniworld Group. It was really an interesting experience and made me realize how things work in the real business world. At that interview I was questioned not by one person but by four: a project manager, an art director, and a designer were there for the interview and a  department manager was on conference call. The other interesting thing that they did not only ask questions about my work or my education but they also were interested in what I was doing outside of the school, how I define culture, what my opinions are about current issues around the world. I have graduated from BMCC as an honor student and as of now I have 3.94 GPA but at that meeting I did not have a chance to mention it.

At this point I believe that the article “How to Get a Job” exactly reflects how the business world works when it is about applying for a job. People are only interested how you solve their problem and how you can contribute to their business as an individual. So being a good student in school and having won awards is not even on the table. Especially in the design field you have to be up-to-date with technology and social media platforms.

At the end of that meeting they told me that they are going to call me if they decide that I am the person who they want to work with. But having that experience was worth while even if I don’t get the position.

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