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Internship Journal #8

I have really been enjoying my experience at my internship as the weather gets warmer. I have recently began taking more creative risk with my poster designs for each seminar, I have moved away from using InDesign and started using Photoshop. I have learned so much about Photoshop over the past two weeks that it was the best decision I made for designing more effectively. I am now able to create better effects and styles to compliment the information present on each poster. Over the course of the months I have really gotten to know the employees and other interns at the office, which has drastically made my experience at the office more fun. As the weather gets warmer and the season changes, I have been designing more poster and business cards for clients of my internship. It’s an amazing feeling when you completed a design for a client and given the opportunity to see your design printed out in person. I have kept numerous business cards and posters I have personally designed that were printed out for the client. I like to look back at design works I have created to see the transition in my designs. It’s just an amazing experience to see how the change in one’s work throughout the times, just to reflect. I have been experimenting and learning a lot with my designs, so looking back at my old designs really gives off a nostalgia. I am really proud of my progression when it comes to designing and just being a graphic designer period.


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