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Journal #9 – Astrid Sarmiento

Astrid Sarmiento

Intern at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine

Today I was introduced to a website called MailChimp where I am able to design newsletter campaigns to send out to our subscribers. I was told by the creative director that they are different templates and themes that I would be able to choose from to begin my process of designing the newsletter of the week. For this particular newsletter I was inquired to include the MISHKA video post as well as the three most recent posts of the week. Apart from this I also had to include an ad to our latest magazine issue #6 which is available in both apple and the Google play store. For designing this newsletter I had to use images that were sent to me by the creative director from the MISHKA photo shoot as well as the hero images use for the posts in our website. I also had to include the A.R.T.S.Y logo that was sent to me and I had to follow the current color scheme of our magazine as well. Working with MailChimp was pretty fun and easy to deal with so far. I just wish they were better ways to move and shift certain elements around but other than that it’s a pretty good site to design a newsletter.

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