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Journal Entry 4

Mohammad Chowdhury

ADV 4900

Journal Entry 4


Today was a good day at the office. I got the chance to do some website designs for a client. I even got the chance to slightly play with the client’s current logo, as it looks pretty outdated with a block stencil typeface. After a few feedbacks from my supervisor, Tyler, I presented the designs to the Mixed Business Group’s creative director, Marc Balet. It was my first interaction with him so it was pretty cool presenting to the creative director. Now up until today I had only seen and worked in the front side of the office so I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how coolness factor the conference area. It has a real homey-lounge vibe with various artworks and other designs hanging on the wall. The office has just gotten 10 times cooler and it was a pretty cool environment to begin with as I had previously mentioned the laid back attitude of the team and the music. Yep, today was a good day in the office.

With a not so subtle transition I guess I should also talk a little bit about the reading for this week. Gross Domestic Freebie by James Surowiecki. It was an interesting read to say the least. Our generation takes the results of the digital age for granted, and free of cost. And that’s also how we view it, that it has no cost; however, this article discusses how this is a double-edged sword. Although apps and other free products online make our life easier, it also means someone is losing out. I don’t much care for the large companies losing some money but the people losing money is definitely an negative side effect of development.

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