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Journal #2 – Astrid Sarmiento

Astrid Ā Sarmiento

Intern at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine

Today I have been assigned to extend the keywords for specific web posts of main and/or cover artists that have been feature for A.R.T.S.Y Magazine. For instance, rapper G4shi, designer Nana Boateng, singer Maxine Ashley, Designer Colm Dillaneā€™s Kid Super Brand amongst other important figuresĀ  to name a few. By adding more keywords to the posts of these specific artists I will be helping in bringing a broader audience. As a result, since there are so many posts and YouTube videos already in existence on some of these given artists, I was also assigned to add more keywords to any of the magazineā€™s YouTube Channel videos that presented these important figures as well. For each post and video I came up with as many keywords as I possibly could that related to the content that was being presented. All in all, I was able to learn more about YouTube today since I have never really dabbled with the technicalities behind it. I generally always visit this site to watch videos but I have never made my own account. Therefore, for a beginner at this, I was pleased to quickly find my way around some of the functions and as time progresses within this internship at A.R.T.S.Y Magazine I hope to learn more about this and more!

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