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Journal Entry # 14

Christmas is right around the corner! I am so excited but what does this mean? More promo work! For the previous Christmas Holiday The Lip Bar released a limited edition Lipstick line called The Mistletoe Trio. This line consisted of three colors; Holly Jolly, Naughty, and Gifted. Holly jolly is a pine green, naughty is a deep red with gold shimmer and Gifted is a shimmery gold. This year Melissa wasn’t sure if she wanted to bring back the trio or just one particular color from this collection. After a poll via Instagram, Facebook, and a suggestion from both interns, she decided to bring Holly Jolly back to represent Christmas. As a result I had to design a web banner for the shade. I was really happy with the outcome. It really pops on the web page. Something amazing also occurred as well! As a result it kicked off some sales! Lauren also known as the Queenofblending posted a video wearing one of the Lip bars lipstick products. The color she featured on the video was Dark and Stormy. She featured it as part of her neutral eye makeup tutorial. In case you have no idea why this is such great news let me explain. Lauren is one of the many popular makeup gurus on Youtube.” She has over 295,226 subscribers and over 49,506,848 views on her Youtube page. This is an extremely huge deal because due to her large amount of followers, her video, along with a couple of lip swatches for Femme fatale, purple rain, and the Cocktails on the rock’s Amaretto Sour, generated some sales and also exposure for the lip bar. So as a result I was given another assignment to work on a web banner and a social media graphic to post on Instagram. Melissa didn’t really like the first banner I did so I remade a more simplified version, which she liked better.

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