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Journal entry #13

I was still recovering from my last internship encounter. I still can’t believe how much work went into developing all of the past orders. That experience just opened my eyes to the amount of hard work start up business have to go through when they are in the process of establishing a solid brand. This week Melissa had more orders to pack due to not only the re release of the Night Owl Lipstick but also the 15 percent off Black Friday sale. As a result of this I was able to meet their second Intern who I learned is currently studying Cosmetic Chemistry. I just found this so amazing and also interesting. While I thought I was going to pack some more orders, she was actually in charge of this. I had to work on an assignment I was given earlier in the week. The assignment consisted of making more Instagram graphics for The Lip Bars Instagram page. All work was focused on two popular lines the Lip Bar has; The Virgin Cocktails and Cocktails on the rocks. The Virgin Cocktails is a all nude lipstick line while Cocktails on the rocks are the most moisturizing of all lipstick lines. In consist of Amaretto Sour, Purple Rain, and Cosmo. Amaretto Sour is a serene yellow, Cosmo is a energetic red, and as mentioned in the name, Purple rain is a vibrant purple color. Purple Rain is also the most sought after lipstick shade in this collection. I was able to finish 2 graphics. It was also my birthday that day. I was later on surprised with some cupcakes and a song and dance from the Melissa and Rosco, the creative director.

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