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Delmar’s J8

Dear Illustra Chronicles,

Eighth entry – Working with Gideon I am really seeing the difficulty behind being an illustrator this job is really demanding and you have to have almost back to back projects to eat and pay bills, thats what it seems like it. This specific day I first started out with Converting and Slicing images for his new website, which is under construction. He showed me the rest of the finished book for the Emperor’s Wardrobe and I am happy to have helped with that project and some other work he did for Highlights. Short but productive day we spoke of art and worked on quick sketches for our projects. Another thing i have seen is he does research before working on a project, and not just from the internet he has a library with centuries of work on that shelf drawings, paintings, photos, documentaries; vast knowledge on one shelf. Artists I have never heard of and work I have never seen. I think I will borrow some books and return them when im ready.


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