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The Precipice

Dear Journal

It has come down to this the final grade I have been working two internships while in school I am nervous as to what will be my final grades with so much work to get done and no longer having my laptop at this point i feel this weekend will be the pit of the Inferno, but I have learned so much still in this time of despair, (laughing as I type). My lessons were verse, in the arts and ethos, my mindset Trying is the best thing you will ever do, if you do not try there will be nothing left, that is to say everything will pass you by but if you try ‘there will be’, a benefit to reap from the obstacle that is or was trying to over take you. Good luck to my peers, after this we all party with Dionysos.

‘Aye, on the shores of darkness there is light,
And precipices show untrodden green’

– John Keats

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