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Journal # 9


Today I began work on the Fifth Harmony photo shoot file. I separated the images from group photo shoot to single photo shoot. It was a lot of images. I had to separate one by one. Each folder contained single photos mixed with group photos. It was fun to see the raw images instead of retouch image. They are real images without any Photoshop effect.  I also worked on the raw images to convert in Jpeg. I didn’t know that I could quickly open group of images in Photoshop and convert it to jpegs. So that was something I learned new. I did not have that much work to do and I started working on my school project.

I love the culture of Sony. When I was absent last week, my supervisor notified every department that I would be absent for some reason. When I came back the following day, they would talk about it and asked if everything was ok.  So this was the part I kind of hated but also loved it because it showed that they care about me. It was truly amazing to work in this kind of environment where you did not have to scare of anything and people behave like a human not a machine.  I don’t know when I will quite my old retail job but I am sure I cannot continue my old job anymore.

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