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Journal Ten

Yesterday at the intern job, I worked on tracing a crime scene in Adobe Illustrator in the morning.  You need to zoom in all the time to see if you are really tracing exactly over the lines.  In the afternoon, I again worked with Louis, one of the employees, with my projects for school.  We looked over my revisions of the Web Three website which he had helped me with earlier.  I also showed him new business cards I have made for portfolio class, and an animation, as well as the three new flyers I have worked on.  He thought the work had improved.  Again, it’s important for me to zoom in and make sure I have no mistakes in the design and lines.  He also stresses the readability of the text, and making sure the leading isn’t too close.  One problem I have is that on the small monitor I work on at home, I miss some of the elements he refers too, and only see them on a larger monitor.

I also watched him make part of a flyer.  This was instructive as I was able to see his process as he put it together.  He likes to feather lots of images, to make the edges soft, and I watched him pick out various images to use and manipulate.

I would love to watch him create things all day, and could learn a lot from it, I think.  I wanted to show the manager my animation, but I didn’t go into his office in time to do so.  I don’t know if he wanted to see it anyhow, but I plan to work on it, and try to show it to him.

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