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Journal Entry #10

Time has been passing so rapidly. This has been another week dedicated to getting everything prepared for IMATS. After the displays Melissa gave me another assignment, which was to design a simple banner. The banner is going to be displayed on the focal table of the Lip bar station for IMATS. She wanted an all white design but I also did a black version so it would be true to the design aesthetics of the company. She had asked me to include the company logo, the company website, and the phrase “Cosmetics for the health conscious consumer.” After I finished with the design she gave me one minor revision. She asked me to remove the red box and also make the website type size a bit bigger. She also gave me two more assignments, which was to design five by nine inch post cards. The purpose of the first post card was to make potential buyers away of the two for thirty-five dollars, and four for sixty-four dollar specials. The purpose of the second postcard was to bring attention to the free Lip bar pen buyers can receive by simply following the Lip bar’s Instagram page, as well as liking the Lip bar’s Facebook fan page. After I finished those designs Melissa had asked me to deliver a package to the post office as well as pick up six frames from the arts and craft store. After I returned Melissa showed me the printed information card I designed earlier and thanked me.  I have to admit I felt pretty happy to know my work was going to be handed out to people at IMATS. It felt really good to see hard work pay off. I am just hoping in the future I can do some photoshoots. I also hope my designs will improve.

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