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Journal 10

I didn’t get any assignments from my supervisor during this week internship, because he was too busy to other business. Since he didn’t have time to request a meeting with me, he asked me to put my works which I had done last week in the drop box. He looked at it and left some comments when he had time. Therefore, I was free in this week. I thought it was time to organize the files and works I had done so far. I decided to collect the files from Wedding Hills Company first, my first part of internship. Forgot to mention, I became a part time graphic designer in the wedding company. Because my supervisor from Wedding Hills had some personal reasons, he needed to go back China for few months. I had that opportunity to take over his job temporary. However, all of my design had to get proof from the boss before I showed to clients. I appreciated my boss gave me this opportunity. In addition, I asked my boss to get permission that putting some designs in my journal, but he said I only could show part of them. There were two clients I served were governors, I got limited to show their photos to public. I looked through the works from my first week to last week, it had a huge differences. I can see the change between unfamiliar to mature, especially my albums design. I still remembered I needed to redesign every page after I showed to my supervisor. Even now I still needed to rearrange my design, but only few pages. I thought I had an improvement being a graphic designer of wedding studio.

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