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November 6, 13

This week I worked on Epic Year Book cover design and some images for The Fray Photo shoot collection on Adobe Bridge. At first, I got scared because I never used Adobe Bridge but then when my Art director showed me I learned quickly. I also didn’t know why people use Adobe Bridge but than when I looked at the file it has 800 images and file is about 10GB. When I read about purpose of using Adobe Bridge I found out that it gives information about image tag information. So as a designer when we send out all the photos in paper they just has to tell us the image tag and we can start working on the image.

Adobe Bridge CS5 is a useful software package for any professional photographer. Adobe Bridge CS5 software makes it very easy to organize and manage all photos. This makes it very easy to find any photo that we want to find. This will save a lot of time which we can spend taking even more photos. Adobe Bridge is easy to export, easy to use, setting color and batch renaming.

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