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Python Drain Cleaning

New assignment. Python drain cling services needed a business card and federal card design. This man is a Plummer who started his own business and now services the new york new jersey and long island area. The client was taken out to lunch and we were briefed on what the client need. Fortunately for me the logo was already developed by a designer at the agency. I used the logo to create  business card that was easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. The prior business card looked like someone vomited all their information on a small sheet of paper. I redesigned the business card to be vertical with the logo of the company on the back with the email and phone number and the name of the associate on the front with the business address and company website. I was also tasked with the creation of a referral card. It was to be made as a rip business card where the person would use one part of the card as a coupon and refer the other half to a friend for twenty five percent off their next purchase.. The referral card has the company logo blown up on the back with a variation of the business card integrated on it. The front has the information on what to do. Right now I am awaiting a client response so that I can either change the design or continue working and finalize the design. Also the book for this week was How to Design Logos, Symbols & Icons Gregory Thomas.

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