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Kenneth Journal #7

This week we met at the office and I was told that we would be working on 2 different logos. One company was wait lost program called Lose extra Fat, and the other one was called Dating Exclusively. I was also told that since I did so good with the last logo that I might be able to make some money if I made a logo that the client likes. So the first step of the process was to write a list of things that come to mind. When we think about the names of the company. We then gather a bunch of images and spend about 3 hours researching and sketching ideas out. After that it was time to go home and for the next 3 days, I was revising and making my sketches look golden. So I could have them ready to present at our next meeting. The next meeting is finally here and I presented my work for both Dating Exclusively and Lose Extra Fat. Then they told me that they liked four of my logos and that they wanted to see them in vector form. So for the next few hours, at home, I was wired to my computer designing these logos. I had finished them by 1 A.M. that night and had emailed them to them. They then emailed me back saying how impressed they were, with the how fast and efficient. So now all I could do is wait and see if the clients picked my logos. After 2 days I got an email and I was told that they picked someone one of the other logos, event thought I was a little mad about them not picking mine I was happy for the experience of it all.

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