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Journal Post #6

Today when i went in i worked with the other intern Alonzo and brainstormed the a video project for the schools new comers.  Afterward my supervisor gave me my first non video / animation assignment.  I had to edit two separate photos.  Each photo had about 3 people in them and i my task was to mask out the background, add the people in each photo together and retouch the completed photo.  It was an easy task as there figures were not complicated.  I used the pen tool and outlined each figure.  Later I used quick mask for the background, feathered and smoothed the models.  The other picture had a problem.  The lady in the other picture had her arm cut off on the edge of the photo so i had to use her left arm, copy it, and use it to make a believable right arm, which was missing.  I copied the arm and warped it to make it the correct angle and added some levels and curves to make it related to the lighting.  I placed all the figures into one picture and cleaned up the pixels by lightly blurring the shadows and black spaces in the photo.  After this assignment he gave me another task with photo retouching.  The time i had left was short so we decided that i would work on it next time, on Thursday.

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