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Journal Post 10/23/13

This week is going to be a pretty slow week overall. Typical week of branding one sheets and developing slides. The Marketing Director has informed that I will be putting together a testimonial video reel recorded the other week from the client summit. I recently received an email concerning the typographical design for the walls of the office. The CEO’s literal comments were “They are fun…no real comments except to keep them clean, professional designs…nothing too cartoony…” So judging from that I assume my drafts were a little too out there and he wants something simpler. As well as giving me another quote, “Our Mission: To Bring Simplicity to the Marketer.”

Other than that it has been a pretty standard week. I’ve been taking advantage of my free time there to catch up on homework as well as club activities. The Marketing Executive of IgnitionOne has assigned me to reworking their Integrated Marketing Report to be a bit more appealing. Which means straying away from their standard one sheet design and adding in more graphical elements. Taking phrases and statistics within the report and making them clearer fro the reader. Much more like their Marketing Playbook, in terms of size, aesthetics and feel. The first draft has been sent in and I should be receiving comments and edits within the week.

Hopefully the upcoming weeks will be more eventful, but it is looking like things won’t pick up until around December.


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