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Ickie Lickies

Today a client came in to have a meeting with the boss and a co-worker that felt with content. At the time I was still working on an internal logo for the agency. After about fifteen minutes an employee came to me and told me that I was needed in the meeting room. Because I had no prior knowledge of a meeting my first thought was that my boss was going to show me something. I walked to the door and was immediately stopped and asked by my boss, “you’re coming to a meeting without your notepad?” I was going to reply with, ” I didn’t know of  any meetings that i was to attend”, however i was stopped mid sentence with the same question. This was done in front of the client and i could not help but feel as if i was humiliated in front of someone for something i had no power over. During the meeting I was briefed about the problem at hand. The client is an ex cop, retired now. He is a bit on the big side. He is an entrepreneur who has an idea to sell plush toys called Ickie Lickies. After hearing that name I thought to myself, “why in the world would I buy something that sounds like that”. The product was taken out and shown to us. They were not aesthetically pleasing. They looked like the stuffed toys that were brought to life by a five year olds drawings. To be continued…

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