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Ickie Lickies (continued)

But the thing that convinced me that these toys may not sell too well were the tongues each of them had. The tongue was sticking out of their mouth with seven white dots on them. Also the tongue wasn’t shaped like a nice looking tongue. Oh not at all the tongue looked like it came from the leader of the band KISS. The names were also troubling. One was called Oh Key, another Buuu-Dee and i kid you not this is how they were spelled. The third one was called Oooh-Oh, and there was Soooong. The last one was the only one that i could see being a hit. Its name was Po*Et, which reminds me of poems which in general are pretty nice. So here was this ex cop, his dream to be a plush toy seller named Ickie Lickies and a handful of weird plush toys with weird names. My job was to design a logo, business card, rack card, and hang tags for this client. This was my first real client since beginning this internship.

I was given another assignment. I was to make a logo for what i presumed to be a football company. They were called khuddle football experience. The khuddle reminded me of cuddle and gave me a little laugh. This client was easy to work with. They knew what they wanted their logo to look lie and also gave me an element that i must include in my design. It was a cresent passing through three football players spaced evenly. I went right to work even though i was still working on things from Ickie Lickies i had finished the logo and had some time to work on this clients logo.

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