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Another Book To Read

Hey class, Jean-Paul again here with another good read on branding this week the Tittle, Logo: Lab, Featuring 18 case studies that demonstrate identity creation from concept to completion.
Christopher Simmons. Here is some insight on what this book is about.

Logo design is a hot topic for graphic designers, but most books on the subject offer little more than a gallery of successful identity systems. Logo Lab gives creatives the in-depth information they crave, with: -A look at 18 head-turning logos from concept to completion -Interviews with designers and clients on why each design works -High-profile case studies for Converse, the Houston Texans and Kroger Foods Every page is packed with the kind of analysis, sketches and insight designers crave. It’s exactly the kind of information they need to help their own clients stand out from the crowd.

This book is a great read for those of you out there who are into branding and would like some pointers on how to design logos, what works and what doesn’t and real life cases that have been affected by logo designs.

I bought a book called 999 Logo designs. They have a wide range of elements a designer can use to create logos or other things needed which use icon like vectors. Here is some insight on the book. 999 Logo Design Elements, Daniel Donnelly.

999 Logo Design Elements features 999 different logo elements provided to readers in vector format. Each logo element is a distinct and stand-alone piece that offers designers the capability to develop hundreds of thousands of logo variations on themes. The elements include swooshes, ovals, boxes, arrows, geometric shapes and hundreds of creative parts that can be pulled together to create original logo designs. Featured throughout the book are examples of logos and identities built with elements from the book. A CD-ROM containing all 999 copyright-free, vector-based logo elements is included with the book.

Enjoy the reading, Keep designing!

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