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6st Journal

As usually, I back to office to wait for assignment from George. He asked to edit the business cards for every departments of the company, he said there is many new employee and old business cards need to update. Therefore, my job is going over all the different departments to ask them if they need to update any information for their business cards.

I meet a lot of employee from different departments, and get some knowledge of how the system of this company. At the beginning, I think I am only doing internship here, I don’t think to get to know this company more deep, but I can see how a company runs with their system beside design.

After I collected all the information from different departments, then I started to work on their business cards. It has a temple for me to do it, my job is editing the text so I don’t have to come up any new ideas or recreate anything. By doing this, I don’t feel bored as last week. There is something change myself, I want to do more practice to improve my skills instead of do a new project now. I believe design skill is the first and the most important thing, so that I need to keep working on it.


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