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4st Journal

I feel more comfortable to work with George at this office, he doesn’t like to talk too much, but he is a professional designer that can teach me a lot of knowledge.

We have a meeting with six people today, basically is talk about they will design different channels of the Chicago tour. Different people have been assigned with different channels, such as poster, banner, magazine and newspaper and so on. George explained the idea and what he needs, and then asks me to do the poster, and the deadline is the end of this week.

I did different designs to show him, but he said those designs are too simples, not what he wants. He said poster is different with magazine or other ads, it post around the streets or somewhere else, it needs to be get people’s attention in the first minuet. I spent three days to recreate and edit the poster, and I designed ten different posters to show my supervisor. Last day of this week, I back to office early to wait for George’s feedback early then I can redo and edit it since the deadline is today. George picks one design and tells me that he will edit it by himself. Therefore, He edited it, and uses it as official poster for the Chicago tour.

I can see he didn’t edit too much, just fixed some of the layout and shapes. Still, I feel happy that he will use my design.

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