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3st Journal

This week is my first to work as intern at L & L Travel Enterprises,inc., I feel excited. I have told to work six hours per day, and need to work 4 days a week. I have assigned to be with a designer name George that does whatever he has assigned to me. I feel nervous during the time I am working next to my supervisor, because he doesn’t like to talk too much when he is working. So that, most of the time, I only keep working without saying a word.  The first project I got from him is to design a coupon for a gift store called J&A locate at Niagara Fall.

Before I do this project, George asked me to draw some ideas of the coupon before using computer to work on. Therefore, I spent two hours to do the coupon research and drawings. I showed him what I have did, and then he picked one drawing and asked me to work on computer. I used InDesign to create the draft, and spent half hour to finish the layout and color it. George asked me to redo it without color, and teach me some of the tips of design a coupon. From what he has taught me, I feel it is not easy to design a simple thing, such as a coupon. At the first moment, I think it is so easy to design a coupon and no need to draw different ideas. However, I was wrong. There are many details that I forgot that I learn from school, such as I need to pay attention about the font sizes, grips and so on.

I have created different styles for this coupon, and double-checked all the details. Finally, George picked one and told me that he will use it as official coupons. I didn’t expect it would become an actual product for using. George told me it will have more than thousand people will see my design due to they will send this couple to all the tourists who will join in their company. At that moment, I have a feeling about to cry, the coupon will become my first design to the world, even thought it is simple, only black and white.

I need to pay attention not to make those small mistakes, which I should not to. I have studying for design skills for four years, I should be considering as professional. Therefore, I decide to careful with all the works I will do in the future.


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