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2nd Journal

2nd Journal

Mina Su




This year is my last semester in City Tech, I need to find my internship to improve and experience what I get though the reality. When I feel so depressed because still no any replied after I have been sent out many applications, I got an email from ArtWing NY.

The day after I got the email, I went to interview. I had showed my portfolio and art works to them. It was a successful interview.  From the interview, I have learn a lot, such as dressing, the way I talk, and what I should be prepared and so on. However, I feel this company is not suitable for my major, since ArtWing is a photography company, and I want to do works related with advertising design. So that, I decide to keep on find another one. I kept sending lot applications out to different agency. Still, there is no one reply.

When God shuts one door, he will opens another door. My classmate Winnie told me that her internship company might be able to give me the chance, since I asked help from her before. Then, I did the research of the company. This company is called L & L Travel Enterprises,inc. , the biggest Chinese tour operator  for 20 years in located in Lowest side Manhattan, New York City,  they have different tours for the East Coast of USA and Asia. I called to the company and got an appointment for interview.

I got hired from the interview, and they haven showed me about their design department, and I told to back to work for around 10 hours a week, will pay for my lunch and transposition fee. The company has 3 floors for different departments; the design department is wide and nice on the second floor. They have around 15 people for design department, including manger and art directors.  I feel excited while the manger showed me around the office; it is a busy environment that people keep doing their stuff, which I like it so much. In addition, I always feel the need to represent my Chinese background to seeing the influence of the culture; I believe working in this company will be a great chance to achieve it.

Looking forward to work here next week. Finally, I can gain experience for my goal.

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