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My First Week as Web Intern

My first week as a web intern was great. Now I’m beginning to have these feelings of what it is to intern for an actual company. It’s an awesome feel but also nerve-wreaking since I have to prove how worthy I am to be their web intern and not mess up for them and their reputation. Of course, I have to be positive about this, be glad I got this internship, and don’t think about messing up this amazing opportunity I have now.

I met with my boss at their cubicle at Sunshine Suites and he spoke with me about their company, their mission, and the website they want me to build for them. He gave me some samples and pictures of what should be on the website as well as how the website should look like. We had a great discussion as we both brought ideas on what looks best for the site, what colors we should use and avoid, how the pictures should be cropped at, and what typefaces should be used to give the site more appeal. My boss did have some knowledge when it comes to web design but my help and ideas to making the site look more appealing made this exciting and fun.

My goal for this week is to design their website with the instructions I jotted down from him and have them finished by the end of this weekend. It’s going to be a busy week for me but I’ll definitely be sure to spend my time this week working on the site mockups. Also, I need to make a planner to ensure what hours I should spend on both this website project and my homework. Shouldn’t be too much of a hassle for me to figure out, I guess?

– Thomas M

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