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I’m Now A Web Intern!

On October 16, I took a trip to NoHo, a borough in Manhattan, for an interview at Sunshine Suites. The company is known for helping small businesses become big by starting at their headquarters. A friend of mine discussed with me that one of the companies from Sunshine Suites needed a web designer/programmer who can design and build their website. since my friend could not do this for them due to his busy schedule and work at another company, he spoke to them about me that I could be the better candidate as their web intern. I accepted the offer. My friend contacted the company about me and they invited me for an interview with them about the internship.

As I waited inside Sunshine Suites to meet the boss for the first time, I was rather excited yet nervous as I usually am when I’m about to get an interview. The interview was short and it discuss mostly on what I will be doing as their web intern for their small business company. The company is new and they needed someone who is willing to help out, design, and build their website for said company. I spoke with them about myself, my experiences as a web designer and graphic designer, and my goals once I get out of college. The boss was pleased with me and thought I would be a great candidate as their web intern. I was glad to hear that from him and well as being able to meet the boss of the company.

A day has passed and I got a call from the boss. He told me to meet up with him at their cubicle at Sunshine Suites and that I’m hired to be their web intern. I told him my thanks for accepting me as their web intern and how forward I was to working with them. It was an exciting moment for me. As an official web intern for the company, I will show them what I’m capable of and do my best to make their company’s website the best.

– Thomas M

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