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Delmar’s J6

Deaer Illustra Chronicles,

Sixth entry – I have four days of work and fun, my new assignment is to study art and the artists at comic con. What better way to become well immersed in the art than to discover it at Comic Con a worldwide convention. I did just that I walked up and down the north concourse of the Jacob Javits center looking at art styles of the exhibitors some I favored more than others a few I wondered who would like them, but art is art. I had a chance to meet Joe Madureira an illustrator and game developer, he worked on Xmen and a game called Darksider, al of his drawings are very cartoony, and oblong shapes with bulges.


Another artist I spoke to was Alvin Lee, he works with Capcom and various other comics and projects. He also draws cartoony with fine edges he draws almost exact proportions and use foreshortening. Alvin Lee’s drawings usually have a mosaic curve or bursting finishes.  I continued searching fro who and what style interested me the most. So I collected as much business cards, just to see what artist do for their cards. I ended up getting a few artist numbers personally and will be going to meet up with Keron an artist located in Brooklyn.

My new goal is to find the Italian Artist from the DC who worked on Red Lantern great artist but expensive when selling his art but I would not mind being mentored by him. overall comic con’s Art Alley the the location of all the artist was a earning experience and inspirational.

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