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Delmar’s J5

Dear Illustra Cronicles,

Fifth entry – I worked on most of my illustrations with Gideon my supervisor, we cut it short because he wanted me to go out to draw so I was working on portfolio pieces and senior project outside. I went to prospect and drew a row of trees that vanished in to the back, and then illustrated the scene to look like a fantasy genre. My next step is to scan and digitally enhance the image with tones shades and colors. Lately Gideon has been letting me work on most of my senior project and checking over it when I ask for a critique. I have to do about two hundred sketches plus background and storyboards.

I have been able to conceptualize a few Animations that I created, working on character design, and story. While using the Wacom to color my sketches I need to get comfortable with the loose feel of the pen, also using tonality on the computer. Gideon asked me to do research on artists and art styles, because I told him I am working at comic con so for my next assignment from Gideon go to comic con and discover art styles.

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