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Journal 6

On October 4, 2013. I continued testing my design. My goal is to make my design look like a real motherboard/CPU, instead of just a clip art. This is my first time working on a design with a metallic effect.

On October 7, 2013. I showed my supervisor, Yue Chen my motherboard design, and he said it looked okay. The design didn’t look like a motherboard, but it did have metallic effect and the concept of New York City College of Technology in charge, and controlled of all majors.

Later, my supervisor asked me to meet at his office, and he had assigned me a new assignment. The assignment was to design a t-shirt on the topic of leaking at Fukushima again. Last time, he had asked me to use the Fukushima’s site or nuclear plant to show the leaking. This time, he had asked me to use the Japan flag and Fukushima’s map to show the leaking. My goal is to come up with ideas using these graphic elements.

I had picked the best two designs to work on the Illustrator. The design was a red circle as the Japan flag, and the shape of a Fukushima map to show the location of leaking, and drips turn into a shape of a nuclear bomb explosion.

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