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GROUPTHINK: The Brainstorming Myth

“Group Think: The Brainstorming Myth”

  This article focused on brainstorming, and various theories and ideas which came out of the topic.  It first explained that classic brainstorming, though a popular idea, doesn’t really work, and that people working alone or in more critical groups, produce just as many, if not more ideas.  Apparently, being exposed to some criticism fosters, rather than inhibits, a good exchange of ideas.

The article then went on to describe how in collaborative efforts, the best mix of people is to have a mix where the members are familiar with each other, but no too familiar.  If they are either not at all familiar with each other, or very familiar with each other, they will not be as successful as groups where the members are somewhere in the middle.

Lastly, the article talked about a building at MIT, Building 20, where a badly constructed building, filled with all different types of groups, produced a great mix of productivity, creativity, and ideas.  The freedom to change the physical space, and the constant interaction of people from different fields, caused the workers there to be extremely productive and active.

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