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Journal Post for 9/25

This week I focused on finishing up the collateral for IgnitionOne’s 2013 Client Summit. One of the major projects was finishing up the agenda book. One of the major changes was taking the main design of using circles throughout the book to using honeycombs. The Marketing Executive, Vanessa Ralls, approached me requesting we use honeycombs as it was used in their yearly playbook. The idea was to make honeycombs apart of the branding. Using the honeycombs in the agenda book was such a success that the CEO of the company now wants to incorporate it into our presentation slides.

One of the major events of the week was when I was emailed to meet with one of the managers from the sister company, Netmining. I assumed it was going to be just between the two of us as was the previous meeting. To my surprise when I arrived it was not just the manager but also her boss, along with two interns under their wing. The meeting was to discuss the infographic template I was currently developing for them. Overall they liked the design with just a few tweaks, but the main reason was to introduce me to the new interns. I was asked to train them in using the programs, such as InDesign, so that they can adjust to the inforgraphic to fit new client statistics as they come in.

So pretty eventful week thus far. Will continue working on event collateral until the 1st of October, when everything is set to go to print.

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