Alice Medrich: Madam Cocolat

Alice Medrich, also known as the “First Lady of Chocolate” or “Madam Cocolat”, is a former baker and chocolatier responsible for introducing the chocolate truffle to Americans. Medrich, a Latin American History graduate, entered the culinary world thanks to a chocolate truffle recipe given to her by her Paris landlady in 1973. Right after coming […]

Restaurant Review: Spot Dessert Bar

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  Located in the heart of the East Village, on 13 St. Mark’s Place to be precise, Spot Dessert Bar serves “traditional confections re-imagined and spiked with a healthy dose of Asian flare” created by pastry chef Ian Kittichai. The tiny place located in a basement is vibrant and inviting, while the staff is helpful […]

Chocolate Babka Recipe

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  Once the chilly weather approaches, the opportunity to splurge on loaves of Babka – whether it is Chocolate or Cinnamon Raisin also comes with it. The only bad thing about giving Babka a try is that the traditional Italian Panettone will not longer be your staple holiday morning treat. But it is fine, people […]

The History of Babka

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  Babka is a type of bread originally from Eastern Europe area, but especially from Poland and Ukraine. In Polish, the word Babka literally means “grandmother”. There are two possible reasons that explained how this type of bread – sometimes erroneously mistaken for a type of cake- got its name. The first reason is that […]

The Instagram Effect

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One of our many instincts as human beings is to eat with our eyes, but in 2015 we are guilty of: eating with our Instagram Eyes*. Since the photo/video-sharing social media app Instagram was launched in 2010, chefs and restaurateurs have use it to promote their product and attract people from all over the world to their business. However, […]