Restaurant Review: Spot Dessert Bar

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Located in the heart of the East Village, on 13 St. Mark’s Place to be precise, Spot Dessert Bar serves “traditional confections re-imagined and spiked with a healthy dose of Asian flare” created by pastry chef Ian Kittichai. The tiny place located in a basement is vibrant and inviting, while the staff is helpful and wiling to give their recommendations when asked. Even though the menu has pictures of the desserts, which reminded me of a couple of Chinese and Korean restaurants I have been in the past, I still was unsure of what to order. I decided to try their “Chocolate Forest” just because the Village Voice chose it as the Best Dessert from 2014. My expectations were pretty high, and maybe that is the main reason why I somehow regretted ordering the dessert. The Chocolate Forest consisted of a cube of -not so airy but rather dense milk chocolate mousse with a center of liquid chocolate. The cube is rolled in crushed pistachios, the only healthy ingredient in this dessert, and served with a scoop of silky and delicious pistachio ice cream.


Although the dessert I had did not impress me, the creative plating and presentation of the other desserts on the menu did. It is difficult to judge the quality of a restaurant by only one dish, and that is why I think Spot Dessert Bar deserves a second chance. Probably next time I should go with their take on Lava Cake, after all is their #1 best seller and at least all the green tea it has in it would make me feel better about indulging with dessert on a random weekday.