Digital Media Video

Above is a video for a project on what we like to do. I always start my mornings with a nice stroll through my neighborhood. I just walk, enjoy the beautiful day, and listen to music.

Field Trip Report UFT

TRIP PIC 1 The machine above was my favorite machine to discover in the trip. The machine is a paper cutter but for large stacks of paper. The machines operator stated that is applies about 300 pounds of pressure to the paper first. Then the machine lines up the blade and quickly cuts the stack. The measurements are preset already so all that is required is that you line the stack up in the proper area of the machine. A cool feature the machine has is that it can detect when an object other than the paper is in the cutting area. For instance if my hand was in the way and I pressed start, the machine won‘t start until my hand is moved.trip pic 2

This machine was also a cool one. It’s basically a really long old school printer. The machine acted like a printer; it rolled paper in, engraved the 11 by 17 paper with whatever information was preset, then it had a roller in the end to dry the ink. The machine did have a function to increase or decrease the speed. It is also a 3 man job to use this machine. If one man used this machine he would be running back and forth.

trip pic 2 The machine is able to take a stack of envelopes, individually grab one, take whatever needs to be out in the envelope, puts that inside the envelope and seals it. The machine works fast and does all the tedious work for you.


I have many interests in life. I have a strong passion for music, football, and cooking. I’ve been very engaged in sports since I was a child.  Along with sports, I also shared a deep love for music. I took a few classes for instruments such as the flute and percussion. When it comes to cooking. that is when I am at my happiest. I love to cook, always trying to cook new things and learn new techniques.

However my desire to become a graphic designer is what brought me to City Tech. In late 2017 my journey towards that desire began. It has not always been easy and it still isn’t. But excellence is achieved through preservation of all challenges. Hopefully, one day my goal to become a designer is met.

Below is a link to the NYCCT webiste