ACF Student Club – Join or Renew 2020-2021

Dear Students,

The fall semester is starting, and we are getting to start planning and holding fall events. The ACF student club is culinary, and pastry focused but supporters and enthusiasts are always welcomed. We will be working with Prof Walljasper to set up a planning meeting in the near future.

Student members have fun, build techniques, increase experience, create relationships with future colleagues and more. With active participation students can gain resume points/topics (volunteered, competition, etc.), develop leadership skills, get mentorship, discover internship opportunities and much more. Think about getting involved and participating.

Tentative plans for Fall Semester:

  • Virtual Tour – hospitality focused
  • Presentation (competition – local, regional, national, and global)
  • Day of Service – helping the community
  • Fundraising – to support students and club activities

If you are interested in signing-up or continuing to receive emails/information from ACF Student Club click the link below and sign-up.

Fall Sign-Up link: Click Here to Sign-Up


ACF Student Club Team