My Top 3 Designs


This line design piece was created to use symbolism. In this project I learned how to form lines into a representational form of artwork instead of an art piece that is straight forward. I managed to successfully use lines close together to create form.

Since the guidelines of the project indicated that we had to use two words to describe power and fragility. The two words that I chose were war (for power) and silky (for fragility). In order to represent war I used mostly straight lines close together. This give the impression of some lines being larger in width than others. I believe the use of bolder looking lines made the concept look powerful and bold. In order to represent something silky/smooth I made the lines less straight so that instead of a rough look it formed more of a soft fragile feeling.








This piece was designed to create a simultaneous contrast. Which means making a color appear darker or lighter based on the colors around them. In this project I used a various amount of colors but kept one color constant, which was the color that would be on both of the light and dark design.

On the designs on the top I used a specific kind of blue. Many who look at the designs might disagree about the fact that both of the blues inside the squares are the same, but surprisingly they actually are. That’s what makes the design successful, as well as the design on the bottom. I found it very interesting how the value of a color can change when the color is around other colors


In this assignment the guidelines were to make a flag that represents an individuals by their interests, personal values, and any type of affiliation/religion. Instead of making a flag representing myself I created a flag representing a classmate, which I interviewed to gather some information.

The classmate that I interviewed stated that her favorite animal was the fox. That’s the reason why I applied orange and black onto the corners of the flag. The classmate that I interviewed also happened to be a female who liked bright colors. Therefore that’s why I applied the color pink in the flag to show that the classmate is also a joyful person. The classmate also stated that they were a big fan of Harry Potter, that’s why I created a logo similar to the Hogwarts logo.